The living space needs lighting, and the control of lighting requires switch. With dedication, everyone is an artist. The design of LONSIN switch inherits the art of fashion and perfectly interprets the aesthetics of the wall of home space, shows the unique taste and elegant personality, highlights the charm of art at the fingertips.
high quality
  • Frame assembly

    The "Frame Assembly" can be disassembled separately. When changing the decoration style (such as wallpaper), the frame assembly of corresponding style can be replaced separately without replacing the whole set of switch and socket, which is eco-friendly and economic.
  • One-time forming

    One-time molded 1.55 ultra-thick carbon steel middle frame, uniquely designed two-way adjustment mounting hole, easy installation and construction
  • Free combination

    The middle frame of all products has the same model. After installing, the functional components can be flexibly replaced according to the actual needs.
  • Silver alloy contact

    The switch operating structure adopts large-area silver alloy contacts with low temperature rise, and can prevent operating arc, which features safer to use, and has a service life of more than 80,000 times.
  • U-shaped terminal

    Ultra-big terminal block with U-shaped thread structure allows tighter wiring.
  • Bronze conductor

    The socket adopts the one-time molded tin-phosphor bronze conductor, which features strong elasticity and wear resistance to ensure more than 5,000 times of operation.
  • PC material

    The base and the frame adopt the same kind of imported German Bayer pure PC material, the materials are exquisite with uniform nature inside and outside, and the color is not changed for 10 years.
  • Child protection door

    The strong current socket products are equipped with protection door to prevent mistaken operation and avoid electric shock caused by single pole insertion.
  • Access port

    The switch and socket allows easy access to two 4mm2 wires.

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